Space travel to boost Spain’s property market

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According to Mark Stucklin “changing technology like fast trains, or new business models like low cost air travel have helped lift the demand curve. If sub-orbital space travel becomes a reality, and not just limited to billionaires, then I imagine it would increase demand for high-end property in Spain. However, I can’t see it happening anytime soon.”

Sub-orbital flights are able to cut the London to Sydney journey time down from 21 hours in an aircraft to 2.2 hours, New York to Moscow from 9 hours 20 minutes to just one hour, and San Francisco to Singapore from 16 hours 50 minutes to 1.8 hours.

In similar direction, Liam Bailey points that “take second homes in Europe, right now demand is mainly restricted to European investors, who try to limit their travel to less than two hours”.

Contact us at Altavista Property to find out about great properties and opportunities in the Costa del Sol area, so we can make your dream a reality!


Rooms with more than a view!

March 3, 2014 in Altavista Property, Costa del Sol Guide,

Marbella is a mecca for anyone wanting to enjoy a beautiful harbour town and a stylish way of life. This property is  perfectly situated just on the front line of Marbella beach, on the beautiful promenade, is just a 2 minutes walk from the city centre and historic old town and 5 minutes walk from the Puerto Deportivo.

Overlooking Marbellas’s harbour with panoramic views that span southwards to the sea and northwards to Sierra Blanca, the apartment is a haven in the picturesque Costa del Sol; a fantastic paradise for a boating and yachting lifestyle.

There is plenty to discover and you are never far from a beach, a boat ride to hidden coves or an easy drive to any number of villages.

You will not be disappointed!

New Bargain Costa del Sol Apartments from Altavista Property

February 13, 2014 in Altavista Property, Michael Liggan News

Altavista Property is proud to be exclusively marketing a bargain new development, located in the heart of the Costa del Sol – La Cala de Mijas.

With easy access to La Cala, it’s superb beaches, the excellent golf courses in the area, including La Cala Golf andjust 25 minutes from Malaga aiport.

Prices start from 123,922 € and 85% with up to 85% finance available, these apartments are a true bargain!

Find out More about Alamar.

Alamar - Altavista Property - Michael Liggan

Alamar – Altavista Property


Looking forward to 2014 in Marbella

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We’re in the coldest 2 months of the year, but still the sun is shining, the skies are blue..and the mountains I can see from my desk have snow on their caps.

It’s been a while since the website and blog we’re updated, and we’re very much looking forward to what promises to be an exciting year in Marbella Property.

With that in mind, take a look here at the latest blog posting from Altavista Property and see why we’re looking forward to 2014.

Looking forward to 2014 in Marbella

Altavista Property - Alminar de Marbella

Altavista Property - Alminar de Marbella

Altavista Property – is it a Good Time for Overseas Buyers to Invest in Spanish Property in Marbella?

June 13, 2012 in Altavista Property, Puerto Banus Real Estate

With Europe and in particular Spain hovering on the edge of an economic avalanche, and with the poor Euro struggling increasingly each day, why are we at Altavista Property seeing an increase in foreign buyers looking again to invest in Spanish property? According to the Bank of Spain, in 2011 foreigners invested over 4,700 Million Euro’s into the Spanish property market, showing a rise of 27% on 2010. There is no reason by 2012 shouldn’t produce the same results despite whatever fate awaits the Euro or the Spanish economy.

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Michael Liggan | Black and White, the newest über cool Restaurant Cafe in Puerto Banus

June 7, 2012 in Michael Liggan News

Black and White Restaurant Café… Trendy urban-style décor, great – and affordable food, wicked cocktails, friendly and slick staff and a frontline port position overlooking the Banús super yachts.  What is there not to love about funky new Marbella restaurant Black and White!  Report: Louise Cook Edwards.  Photography: Gary Edwards.

If like many Marbella residents, you have a love-hate relationship with Puerto Banús, Black and White, the hot new frontline venue is about to reignite your love affair with the place. With far too many long-established restaurants in the port, blasé staff, tired décor and predictable, overpriced menus are a turn-off for year-round marbellis tend to only venture into the port for cocktail parties, Sunday morning coffees or a bit of designer shopping in the sales.

Black and White Cafe Banus

A Winning Formula

But the monochrome masterpiece that is Black and White is about to change all that. With a prime location in front of the largest yachts moored in the marina, the venue is much more than just another Banús restaurant. With bright and funky décor, characterized by original touches of Formula 1 glamour, state-of-the-art lighting, video screens, sound system, driver simulator with X-Box, and free Wi-Fi, more than just a restaurant, Black and White is all set to give diners a total experience with upbeat music, singers, shows  – even choreographed waiters – as well as great food at decent prices.

With a racing car featured in the entrance, and a glass-fronted shop offering assorted racing merchandise, Black and White is upping the revs and getting ready to overtake other Banús establishments that have rested on their laurels for too long and short-changed the public on the food, service and ambience. Now they will all be racing to catch up to this winner that manages to be trendy café, cocktail bar, restaurant and show venue all in one bright and shiny new package

Black and White Cafe Banus

Monochrome Madness

The high impact monochrome décor would not be out of place in London, Paris or New York – with newspaper print walls and flooring, lots of chrome columns and lighting, original cylindrical aquariums filled with exotic – black and white – tropical varieties… black and white tables and chairs, black and white writing and iconic celebrity photography on the walls, black and white table settings, and friendly young staff dressed in slick black and white, Black and White is the perfect place to head to for a wind-down weekday cocktail after work, an upbeat business lunch, a memorable night out with friends and family or a stunning party.  The interior designer has created an amazing one-off, and the Torre de Banús, the ancient Moorish watchtower is even an integral part of the décor!  With terrace seating looking out over the luxury harbour, a raised VIP area, high tables with bar stools and a host of tables of different sizes for intimate dinners for two, or long celebratory lunch, in a restaurant that can seat up to 250 people, you are sure to find a spot that takes your fancy.

A Menu of Modern & Classic Dishes

Whether you want a girly lunch with sharing plates of yummy Hummus and Baba Ganush, a tasty Tabbuleh or a classic Tricolore Salad, a hearty plate of pasta, a freshly made pizza, or a fish or meat dish, Black and White has a huge menu available to please most palates. All the chefs and kitchen staff have been chosen for their particular fortes and together will be cooking up a storm in the restaurant’s glass fronted kitchens. The pizza is particularly light, crispy and fresh, the pasta, fresh, tasty and abundant, the salads are large, crisp and succulent, and the meat and fish dishes are particularly great value for money.  With a few Asian specialities – such as a tender Yakitori Chicken skewer, risottos, steaks and ribs, and a good choice of indulgent desserts, Black and White’s menu manages to hit the spot.

That’s Entertainment!

Although open just a week before Easter, the switched on team at Black and White are already lining up a host of entertainment to add that extra something to your nights out – so get ready for soul nights and themed parties to get you in a party mood for summer.  And don’t forget Black and White has an amazing cocktail menu to help get the party started!  Their mojitos and Rossinis are already legend.  Join the Facebook page (coming soon) to keep up-to-date with events and special.

©GaryEdwards - Image B&W Cafe Banus


AltaVista Property puts the emphasis on clients’ requirements. We focus our efforts on matching client requirements and sourcing suitable properties, but given our longstanding experience in real estate and knowledge of this market in particular, we are also able to identify those properties that offer great value.

Altavista Property – Reasons to travel to the Costa del Sol

June 5, 2012 in Altavista Property

The Costa del Sol is a region in southern Spain, and it’s the coastal region of the Malaga province and the Mediterranean sector of Gibraltar, in the province of Cadiz that extends along over more than 150 kms.

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Bank Repossessions in Marbella and surrounding areas from Altavista Property

May 25, 2012 in Altavista Property, Michael Liggan News, Spain News

Once you have stayed in a house for some time, it starts turning into a home. This is indeed the case in and around Marbella. Houses hold a lot of memories and for this reason, you should fight repossession at all cost whenever you are having a problem with your lender/s. House repossession could be as a result of financial hardship, threat of repossession, divorce or separation, a severe health problem, bereavement, unemployment, tax debt, and relocation.

The most important tip if you want to stop house repossession is to talk to the bank immediately you start having financial problems. The financial institution will appreciate this and you are more likely to get refinancing. Once you contact your lender, request for a grace period. This will allow you to get your financial footing back. Once you get refinancing, you have to keep future repayments up to date. If you want to stop house repossession, consider seeking financing from other sources to pay off your debts. You could seek the services of a debt consolidator if you have money but have different debts. You could borrow money from family members, friends, or colleagues with little or no interest.

You could stop house repossession by selling the house before it can be foreclosed. Banks and other lenders repossess and dispose of houses even when you are only remaining with a few repayments. These lenders usually dispose of houses with the sole aim of getting the money they are owed and you will not get the balance. For this reason, you should sell the house before it is repossessed and pay the financial institution what is due to it. You could sell your house fast to stop house repossession by listing the house online, by having a low asking price, by having low minimum deposit and a flexible repayment plan, by allowing for negotiations, and by enlisting the services of a real estate agency. The ISO 9001:2008 accredited Alta Vista Property, run by Michael Liggan lists such houses for sale.

You could enlist the services of a property investor or a repossession expert such as Michael Liggan. You could go to court to stop house repossession, even if you are the one to blame. Once you explain your case, the bank may advice the lender to give you a grace period or to adjust your repayment. You could enlist the services of a Sell House Rent Back Company or a real estate company like Altavista Property to stop house repossession.

AltaVista Property puts the emphasis on clients’ requirements. We focus our efforts on matching client requirements and sourcing suitable properties, but given our longstanding experience in real estate and knowledge of this market in particular, we are also able to identify those properties that offer great value.

Altavista Property – Luxury properties Marbella

May 24, 2012 in Altavista Property

There are several luxury properties in and around Marbella. You could find these properties through Altavista Property whose CEO is Michael Liggan. Altavista Property has an ISO 9001 accreditation.

Golden Mile is perhaps the most famous area of Marbella, situated along the Mediterranean coast and it extends for 4 km from the ending of Marbella’s center to the beginning of Puerto Banus. In Golden Mile, there are exclusive apartments and villas, and even some mansions and palaces, such as the Royal’s Family Palace of Saudi Arabia or the copy of the White House. The streets are full of abundant natural gardens and a peaceful environment that allows for quiet, relaxed, and unhurried life.

Altavista Property can get you a property in Puerto José Banús, also known as Puerto Banus. This is the most exclusive marina in Spain, and one of the most important in Europe because of the large boats and luxury yachts that dock here every year. It is also one of the most cosmopolitan places of Marbella, because of the large number of tourists and foreign residents causing a cultural, lively, and dynamic atmosphere. During summer, you can enjoy numerous international events such as fashion shows, presentation of luxury cars, concerts, theme parties, etc., and at night a variety of discos and clubs are open until dawn. Another major reason to attract more tourists is a big variety of shops, where you find only the most exclusive international brands: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace. This is also the ideal home for yacht-lovers.

Sierra Blanca is a mountain massif that acts as a barrier against cold winds from the north of Spain, getting Marbella to enjoy an excellent microclimate for almost the entire year. At the foot of Sierra Blanca is one of the most prestigious residential areas of Marbella with stunning views of the entire municipality of Marbella and you can even see the coast of Africa and Gibraltar. In this exclusive urbanization, you will find enormous villas with the greatest luxuries, modern houses with impossible structures, pools on the edge of the mountain, spa areas and golf courses. Sierra Blanca is without doubt the perfect place for those wishing to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the city, and start living in the quiet of the mountain, but always surrounded by luxury, glamor, and exclusivity. It is the preferred area for celebrities who buy a property in Marbella, with the utmost privacy and security.

On the western edge of Marbella, on the border with the municipality of Estepona, Altavista Property has luxurious Guadalmina luxury villas and townhouses. It is mainly characterized by being surrounded by golf courses, making it the perfect place for lovers of this sport. Guadalmina extends to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, offering several luxury homes on the beach frontline.

Altavista Property also has luxurious properties in the surrounding Alhaurin de la Torre, Antequera, Benalmadena, Estepona, Malaga Center, Ronda, and San Pedro de Alcántara.

Altavista Property puts the emphasis on clients’ requirements. We focus our efforts on matching client requirements and sourcing suitable properties, but given our longstanding experience in real estate and knowledge of this market in particular, we are also able to identify those properties that offer great value.

Altavista Property – Golf on the Costa del Sol

February 23, 2012 in Altavista Property, Costa del Sol Guide, Michael Liggan News, Puerto Banus Real Estate, Spain News,


The Costa del Sol, A golfing Mecca

With Andalucía widely recognized as the ‘golfing capital of Europe’, what is it that attracts so many golfers to the Costa del Sol?

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