Bank Repossessions in Marbella and surrounding areas from Altavista Property

May 25, 2012 in Altavista Property, Michael Liggan News, Spain News by Michael Liggan

Once you have stayed in a house for some time, it starts turning into a home. This is indeed the case in and around Marbella. Houses hold a lot of memories and for this reason, you should fight repossession at all cost whenever you are having a problem with your lender/s. House repossession could be as a result of financial hardship, threat of repossession, divorce or separation, a severe health problem, bereavement, unemployment, tax debt, and relocation.

The most important tip if you want to stop house repossession is to talk to the bank immediately you start having financial problems. The financial institution will appreciate this and you are more likely to get refinancing. Once you contact your lender, request for a grace period. This will allow you to get your financial footing back. Once you get refinancing, you have to keep future repayments up to date. If you want to stop house repossession, consider seeking financing from other sources to pay off your debts. You could seek the services of a debt consolidator if you have money but have different debts. You could borrow money from family members, friends, or colleagues with little or no interest.

You could stop house repossession by selling the house before it can be foreclosed. Banks and other lenders repossess and dispose of houses even when you are only remaining with a few repayments. These lenders usually dispose of houses with the sole aim of getting the money they are owed and you will not get the balance. For this reason, you should sell the house before it is repossessed and pay the financial institution what is due to it. You could sell your house fast to stop house repossession by listing the house online, by having a low asking price, by having low minimum deposit and a flexible repayment plan, by allowing for negotiations, and by enlisting the services of a real estate agency. The ISO 9001:2008 accredited Alta Vista Property, run by Michael Liggan lists such houses for sale.

You could enlist the services of a property investor or a repossession expert such as Michael Liggan. You could go to court to stop house repossession, even if you are the one to blame. Once you explain your case, the bank may advice the lender to give you a grace period or to adjust your repayment. You could enlist the services of a Sell House Rent Back Company or a real estate company like Altavista Property to stop house repossession.

AltaVista Property puts the emphasis on clients’ requirements. We focus our efforts on matching client requirements and sourcing suitable properties, but given our longstanding experience in real estate and knowledge of this market in particular, we are also able to identify those properties that offer great value.

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